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A simple idea.....thoughtful execution !!!

A really cheeesy ad of AXE Shower Gel !!!
Guess what???

Harley Davidson for women- Superb!!!

Brand Insights : Coca-Cola

How Coca-Cola grew from a small drugstore in Atlanta to a global branding powerhouse is legendary. It was initially sold not as a soft drink for thirst but as a "brain and nerve tonic." In its first year in 1886, advertising costs totaled US$74 while sales only totaled US$50, symbolizing the firm's future long-term reliance on TV and other advertising. Today, Coca-Cola spends more than US$2 billion on advertising worldwide and the drink can be easily purchased by more than 5 billion people.

Coca-Cola is a perfect example of the ultimate in branding and has, in fact, taken the concept of 'identity' to a whole new level. Consumers can recognise the Coca-Cola branding despite language differences - whether the product is in German, Albanian or Indian, it is recognised by its shape. The branding of this popular soft drink has been established to such a great extent that consumers no longer need to 'read' the word - they simply rely on the visual impact of 'seeing' the shape. Brand value is calculated using a simple method (a method which has revealed some major marketing successes in the industry) by comparing market capitalisation with net tangible or physical assets. The difference between the two figures is the 'brand value' - the extent to which competitors value a product/company over and above that of its tangible assets.The results of this method put Coca-Cola at the helm of brand value success. With a brand value of 4000% above tangible assets they have succeeded in creating the ultimate in brands, with enormous profit potential.

When pharmacist Dr John Pemberton developed his brain tonic in May 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia, in the US, it was his book-keeper, Frank Robinson, who first named the brew and then wrote it out with a slanting flourish. Within three weeks, the first ads ran in The Atlanta Journal, stating: "Coca-Cola. Delicious! Refreshing! Exhilarating! Invigorating! The New Pop Soda Fountain Drink, containing the properties of the wonderful Coca plant and famous Cola nuts." Not bad for those days - and an excellent example of establishing the intrinsics and brand platform from the outset and then staying true.

Initially sold by the glass, Coke was soon supported through banners and the use of coupons to "claim your free drink". With Robinson's signature and the colour red, the journey had begun. A major event in the evolution of the brand in the US was the decision to hold a national Coca-Cola competition. The brief was simple: to design a bottle shape that everybody would recognise - even when touching it in the dark. The distinctive bottle was launched in 1915, adding to the cluster of elements already making up the brand and becoming a legally protected piece of intellectual property that remains a key differentiator. Cans were introduced only in 1955 - and it must be the only time that a picture of a bottle has been printed on a can to maintain distinctiveness.

Martin Lindstrom, the world renowed Brand Futurist tells that in order for a brand to gain maximum recall, the brand needs to be “SMASHABLE’… which he means that the each element of the brand should be so distinctive in nature that even if it were broken into several fragments, each element of the brand should be recognisable even then…the major thought behind the famous CONTOUR bottle was that even if the bottle were to be smashed alongwith several should be easily recognisable….Well a simple idea does go a long way !!!



Friday, September 22, 2006

Brand Trivia : Coca - Cola !!

Here are some facts about Coke...........

  • The brand’s sponsorship of the Olympics, which is extended to 2008, began in 1928 when 1,000 cases of Coca-Cola accompanied the US Olympic team aboard a freighter bound for Amsterdam harbor for the games of the IXth Olympiad.
  • Diet Coke is sold in 149 countries across the world, but 46 of these countries – where the word ‘diet’ has different meanings – market the drink under the name of ‘Coca-Cola light’.
  • Coca-Cola is the most recognised trademark in the world, with 94% global recognition. It is the second most widely understood word in the world, after ‘OK’.
  • Santa Claus, as we know him with the red suit, long beard and jolly face, was first illustrated with those characteristics for a Coca-Cola ad in the 1930s.The famous images were drawn by Swedish artist Haddon Sundblom and appear on Christmas packs of Coca-Cola each year.

Thanda Matlab coca-cola

Perfect Execution....

The `thanda matlab Coca-Cola' campaign launched in 2002 has featured Aamir Khan essaying six distinctive characters that revolved around outdoor situations - Tapori at an Irani Café, Punjabi Framer in his field, a Nepali guide,etc.The series has also won several awards in the past. To name a few, EFFIE gold for the second year in succession at ‘the EFFIES 2004’; Best TV Campaign ‘Thanda Matlab Coca-Cola’ at the ‘Indian Marketing Awards’; Campaign of the Year Awards presented by Advertising agencies Association of India (AAAI) and Advertising Club Mumbai (ABBY); Golden Lion Award at Cannes Festival and the most prestigious marketing award of Coca-Cola Company - “Don Keogh Marketing Mastery Award”.

What more coke ads keep building upon its brand image though these excellently executed campaigns.....even though coke has come under a cloud of suspicion for its pesticide content ,its brand image and brand ambassador will carry it out comfortably though the current crisis...what do u say........


Awesome Hoarding !!!

An awesome hoarding !! Simple way to communicate a powerful message.

COLOSAL BRANDS - I *** Coca-Cola***

Rocking the world : Coca-Cola !!
Well friends when it comes to the topic of Brands + Ads, lets start of with the badshah of brands world over, every Brand Managers dream…with a brand value of over $ 70 billion, and the world famous contour bottle to its credit..Yup im talking about Coca-Cola!!! The brand is synonymous world over for quality (but yeah leave alone in India where it’s playing hide and seek with the pesticide issue and also with a few states banning the sale of coke). The brand has consistenly used advertising to generate top of the mind recall with its consumers….and we all are testimony to the fact as to how it reinvented its indian market with the famous “Thanda” campaign…even when the row of pesticides came in coke’s PR at once came into the limelight with the messages of assurance about the quality of the saem in every newpaper possible….ad campaigns, PR, direct marketing.. COKE has been there and done it all….Like me most of you would not be satisifed with the new “thande ka tadka” campaign since when it comes to coke and advertising, the bar is always raised in terms of expectations. While the future of this brand hands on in a dicey stage in India I would like you to put in ur comments on the same !!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

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Google Branding Strategy

Moral SuperiorityGoogle has perfectly executed a branding strategy which has proven to be one of the most brilliantly effective branding strategies witnessed by man.
The Google BrandBrand-wise, Google enjoys an unsullied image that sparkles cleaner than Coca Cola, Pepsi, Ford, Gap and AT&T combined. In an article published on Advertising Age, Randall Rothenberg named Google CEO Eric Schmidt as the most powerful media executive. Just a few months back, Google beat out Starbucks, Apple Computer, and Coca Cola to claim's Brand Of The Year title.
A recent study by Brand Keys revealed the obvious: Google is #1 of all Internet brands for brand loyalty. If you've ever been online, the irrational and almost fanatic brand loyalty of Google fans is hard to miss. In several forums, from Doug Heil's IHelpYou Services Forums to Brett Tabke's, questioning Google's moral superiority can result in emotionally-charged name-calling and abuse. One can only imagine if given the choice between GoogleGuy and Jesus Christ today, we would most likely be mourning the loss of The Nazarene again.
When critics do question the moral superiority of Google, the Google groupies rush to defend their icon of all that is pure and good, saying "Google is completely objective" and "Google is a shining star," and quoting the Google doctrine, "PageRank - and Google - is the democracy of the web."
One Google groupie proclaimed, "I love Google. Google is a great company, a good company, a responsible company. They are in a position of tremendous power and they do not abuse it. They never sacrifice their vision for the sake of making a buck. They are benign innovators, if only other companies were this good."

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