Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lap-top solution, the plight of merged airlines

In the recent past we have seen few mergers in the airlines industry ,the biggies buying out the small loss making airlines to increase their market share and also increase their availablity on more routes.But has anything changed ?Few months back i had to travel form Goa to Ahmedabad and as usual the old sahara in its new name Jetlite was late by 3hrs .Everyone started boarding the mini bus and the driver was about the step on the gas and suddenly one of the ground staff shouts ... stop ....stop the bus "what the hell " is what eveyone gasped.The ground staff asks if anyone is intrested in staying back and leave goa by the next flight ( next day) as the flight that has come from Mumbai has been overbooked (by 14 seats )and already few passengers have boarded the flight in mumbai .Though few couples and individuals agreed to stay back, 3 -4 seats had to be cleared .They came up with a intresting solution , kids were made to sit on the laps and their fare was refunded...a simple laptop solution ....but this kind of mistake at time when you have all kind of techological help disgusting good thing that i could see was that the staff did take care of the passengers may be a that was Jet Airline affect.Though Jetlite still remains Jetlate.....
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