Friday, September 22, 2006

COLOSAL BRANDS - I *** Coca-Cola***

Rocking the world : Coca-Cola !!
Well friends when it comes to the topic of Brands + Ads, lets start of with the badshah of brands world over, every Brand Managers dream…with a brand value of over $ 70 billion, and the world famous contour bottle to its credit..Yup im talking about Coca-Cola!!! The brand is synonymous world over for quality (but yeah leave alone in India where it’s playing hide and seek with the pesticide issue and also with a few states banning the sale of coke). The brand has consistenly used advertising to generate top of the mind recall with its consumers….and we all are testimony to the fact as to how it reinvented its indian market with the famous “Thanda” campaign…even when the row of pesticides came in coke’s PR at once came into the limelight with the messages of assurance about the quality of the saem in every newpaper possible….ad campaigns, PR, direct marketing.. COKE has been there and done it all….Like me most of you would not be satisifed with the new “thande ka tadka” campaign since when it comes to coke and advertising, the bar is always raised in terms of expectations. While the future of this brand hands on in a dicey stage in India I would like you to put in ur comments on the same !!!


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