Friday, September 22, 2006

Brand Trivia : Coca - Cola !!

Here are some facts about Coke...........

  • The brand’s sponsorship of the Olympics, which is extended to 2008, began in 1928 when 1,000 cases of Coca-Cola accompanied the US Olympic team aboard a freighter bound for Amsterdam harbor for the games of the IXth Olympiad.
  • Diet Coke is sold in 149 countries across the world, but 46 of these countries – where the word ‘diet’ has different meanings – market the drink under the name of ‘Coca-Cola light’.
  • Coca-Cola is the most recognised trademark in the world, with 94% global recognition. It is the second most widely understood word in the world, after ‘OK’.
  • Santa Claus, as we know him with the red suit, long beard and jolly face, was first illustrated with those characteristics for a Coca-Cola ad in the 1930s.The famous images were drawn by Swedish artist Haddon Sundblom and appear on Christmas packs of Coca-Cola each year.


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