Thursday, September 21, 2006

Brand-ad Blog FuNDA

This blog is all about the advertsing and branding, how advertisements have revived brands over years....we will be posting in sucessfull and non-sucessful ads and brands and their ad campaigns . It will also carry in many other creative campaigns .....intresting chronicles and information related to advertising and brands. we will be glad enough to take in your comments negative or positive ..... its a place where views melt down and the learning continues ......cheers!!!

Anup /Praveen Raj


Blogger Arathizhere said...

Hey u guys!!start putting in some ads n Anup start ur Brand fundas here:) gud goin!!

10:58 PM  
Blogger sabunair mangalasserril said...

With blessings from none other than Arathi the future William tragos...let us hope this is going to rock..


4:01 AM  

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