Friday, October 06, 2006

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Baseline :Delays your climax so you can last longer
Brand :Durex condoms
Agency :Publicis

Baseline :Brings out the boy in you.....
Brand :BMW

Brand Insights: Titan

Titan has successfully overcome the midlife crisis which it faced in 1999-2002. This was the period when imports of finished watches were liberalised. A lot of new players entered the Indian market offering a wide choice to the Indian consumer. Titan's jewellery division Tanishq was losing money and Titan was slow in introducing new products. Its communication to the consumers was also ineffective. It has since bounced back well and has, of late, displayed aggression and an adventurous streak. Tanishq is in the pink of health and growing faster than the watch division. The turning point was when it launched the World Watch collection which was very well received by consumers. A major role in this turnaround was played by Mr. Michael Foley, head of design, a passout of National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Its exchange offer in 2004 was a huge success and an encore in 2005 also received a good response.

In the last three years Titan has been in the news for:
1. Launching new brands – Tommy Hilfiger.
2. Launching new products/variants – Flip, Raga, Nebula- Rohit Bal collection.
3. Association with glamour world – Akshay Khanna, Soha Ali Khan for product launches.
4. Appointing Aamir Khan as brand ambassador.
5. New ad campaigns – Aamir Khan making a dig at Rado Diastar.
6. Introducing diamond studded watches (Crown collection) priced over Rs 1 lakh
7. Tie-up with LVMH for servicing their watches in India.

Titan has regularly been rated as one of the most admired marketing companies by various publications. And just so amazed at the way titan has turned around so well that it feels as if it has a total pulse of the market. The key to titan being a big brand is the way that it has identified the right segments, from youth to working executives and also the use of the best promotions. Their foray into Eyewear is yet another testiomony as to the foresight Titan has. And their choice of brand ambassadors of late has been quite flawless...Aamir Khan for watches and John Abraham for eyewear......All these factors have contributed to making titan a "timeless" name in the watch industry !!! So what would be next in the kitty of guess is, "only TIME would tell !".

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The nike way......Read the Copy !!!!

Seen this ad in business week review, though this ones an old ad, couldn't stop my self posting it over here after reading the copy on "My butt is big And round like the letter C And ten thousand lunges Have made it rounder But not smaller And that's just fine. It's a space heater For my side of the bed It's my ambassador To those who walk behind me It's a border collie That herds skinny women Away from the best deals At clothing sales. My butt is big And that's just fine And those who might scorn it Are invited to kiss it.
Just do it."
what u say.....

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Colossal Brand -III ::::: TITAN:::::

...Time Has Changed...

Titan the big Indian brand, has changed the entire outlook of Indian watch industry, Watches were no more time keeping instrument but a fashion accessory ....lets have a peep into how this brand has evolved and changed Indian market scenarion
Titan Industries Limited is a joint venture involving the Tata Group and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation. Established in 1987, the company is now one of the largest integrated watch and jewellery manufacturers in the world. Titan was the Tata Group's foray into the precision engineering time-keeping industry..
Titan manufactures over 6.6 million watches and 150,000 pieces of jewellery every year .Titan's offerings cut across diverse consumer segments and take into consideration a variety of factors such as taste, age and affordability. The brand saw this, from the very beginning, as the foundation of its leadership strategy. Its initial product range presented distinctive offerings for diverse requirements: formal watches for urban executives, dress watches for those with a preference for jewellery, and rugged watches where durability counted.
Titan has built on its more-is-merrier principle by presenting niche offerings for specific consumer segments. In 1989 it was Aqura, a trendy and inexpensive range for youth; 1992's Raga was a standout collection with striking Indian motifs for woman seeking ethnic chic; 1993's Insignia had top-end watches with an international look; 1994's psi 2000 was a rugged and sporty series of chronographs; and 1996's Dash was aimed at kids. Titan has set the standard on every parameter of watch-making excellence in India. The initial range with which Titan introduced itself comprised 350 different models, whereas the rest of India's watch market at the time together had just 200. With the introduction of steel ,edge ,raga and fastrack Titan changed the convetional look of watches in India and these models became instant hit the market.
Titan turned what were essentially timekeeping instruments into lifestyle accessories. In terms of technology, Titan based its line on quartz when 95% of all watches sold in India were mechanical. Consumers could set their time by a Titan model and take accuracy for granted. However, it was in design and overall styling that the brand really scored. Titan adopted the highest touchstones of international design as the definitive element for its entire range of products. No other watch brand in the country has come close to matching Titan on the design front.
In terms of variety, Titan rendered asunder the narrow range of watches hitherto available and inundated consumers with unprecedented choice in looks, function and price. In terms of sales strategy, it introduced the concept of premium retailing through its 'World of Titan' showrooms, which is today among the world's largest network of branded watch outlets.Titan Ads have indeed influenced a lot in building up the brand when the Titan signature tune was first introduced in 1988, from Mozart's Fifth Symphony - quickly became something of an `earworm': the tune stayed in people's heads, and everyone hummed along when the tune appeared.Over the change of time and culture the current ads that feature amir khan have become much more trendy and more relevant to the current lifestyle. This brand has come a long way from just being a gift for important occasions to a brand for all occasions….

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Funny outdoor installation in Wien to promote Momax shower curtains. The ad is an idea of Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann (Austria) and it has recently won the Golden Award of Montreux, 2006 (Gold Medal) for Home Furn.


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