Wednesday, May 02, 2007

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Mars withdrew this commercial for their Snickers Bar following complaints from gay rights organisations that it was homophobic. The advert, which was made by TBWA/Chiat Day New York, received its first screening during the 2007 Super Bowl; at the end of the ad, viewers were directed to a tie-in website on which were shown alternative attempts by the two mechanics to “do something manly” to make amends for their accidental kiss. Following its high-profile first airing, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) and the Human Rights Campaign complained to Mars’ subsidiary Masterfoods that the advert encouraged anti-gay sentiments.
Hell Pizza

This promotional pack issued in November 2006 by Hell Pizza drew complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority of New Zealand and was condemned by the Catholic Church and the “family values” lobby group, Family First. The mail-shot package, which was designed to publicize the “Lust” pizza, contained a condom together with instructions on its use.
The promotion was investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority, who upheld the complaints, finding Hell Pizza in breach of their Code of Ethics' rules on Decency and Offensiveness

This advert - part of the "Pretty But Tough" campaign for the Hyundai Tucson - was banned after regulators ruled that, by showing a scorpion being trampled by a barefoot woman, it promoted behaviour that was likely to have "actual harmful or ecologically concerning consequences"


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