Wednesday, April 11, 2007


"Waango" now you might have got what that word means.ITC Limited - Foods Division launched its new snacks brand Bingo, which marks the company's foray into the fast growing branded snacks segment. The launch of Bingo represents ITC Foods' fifth major line of foods business after the highly successful Staples, Biscuits, Ready-to-Eat and Confectionery businesses.
Its been a wonderful ride for ITC...diverging to different segement with good execution and sucess.The offerings under the Finger Snacks segment are equally unique presentations with innovative finger foods like the pakoda inspired Live Wires, Khakra inspired Mad Angles and the specially developed time pass snack in the form of Tedhe Medhe. Each offering under this segment is available in two variants making it a total of 6 products in the Finger Snacks portfolio.The products were launched with equally good advertisments .Well how they carry on with their ad campaigns is what we got to see....hope fully we may view more of intresting ads from the ITC ...until then POOOONGO.


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