Thursday, April 26, 2007

Guerrilla advertising -The Future of adv.

Kishore Biyani's Future Group has just unveiled a mint-fresh aggressive campaign that has grabbed eyeballs galore, but at the same time made competition squirming in discomfort.The ad campaign for Future Group's hypermarket chain Big Bazaar screams:( Change Your Lifestyle. Make a smart choice! Formal shirts Rs........( Keep West-aSide. Make a smart choice ! T shirts Rs.......( Shoppers! Stop. Make a smart choice ! Sarees Rs.....
The approximately Rs 2 crore-plus campaign, conceptualised by Mudra Communication, was broken last weekend across all major metros.A lot is happening over this ad now, talks are on th impact of this kind of adv on the competitors and approching the ASCI is what some of them feel.
The future group is silently partying over this for them "Big Bazaar as a brand has always been aggressive and each of our campaigns reflect that. The key idea behind this campaign is to showcase the new summer collection at great pricing that Big Bazaar has just launched" and plan to continue the same campaign for another 4 months and on the other side of story is Big Bazaar is miffed over Subhiksha's print advertisements that show price comparisons for various goods sold at different retail outlets, with Subhiksha shown as the one offering the cheapest prices. Big Bazaar has claimed that the survey was inaccurate and unfair and the prices quoted for Big Bazaar for that day were higher than the actual prices and also claimed it had the lowest prices amongst all the retail stores on that particular day.
Well the war in retail ads has just begun and we may see more n more of Gurrilla advertising in near future...lets see who goes in for the kill..
source: agencyfaqs


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