Thursday, April 26, 2007

YouTube Launches Brand Channels; Paris Hilton's Is First

YouTube today launched yet another attempt to generate ad revenue, allowing advertisers to promote their brands via customized channels on the site.The first among those brand-focused YouTube channels is that of celebrity hotel heiress Paris Hilton. Warner Brothers has created the "Paris Hilton Channel" to promote Hilton's new music album "Paris," and includes a video ad produced by Hilton for her YouTube fans. Moreover, Fox is running ads on the "channel" for its Prison Break TV show.
Advertisers will be able to customize the look and feel of their channels once they meet pre-determined spending quotas. YouTube cofounder and CEO Chad Hurley is quoted as saying he hopes brand channels help build an ad platform that "both the community and advertisers" could embrace.
The campaign comes as the recording industry is in talks with YouTube about licensing music videos and other copyrighted material that fans have in the past posted without
Lets wait and watch the paris show.


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