Saturday, December 16, 2006

Being Virgin!!!

What do these things have in common - air travel, mobile phones, soft drinks, wedding dresses, financial services, records, rail services, home power services, hotel management and internet services? Virtually nothing, other than that they are all offered under the extraordinarily broad Virgin umbrella.The Virgin brand name is plastered on products and services ranging from planes to mobile phones, cola and trains and it shows little sign of being stopped in its tracks. Virgin is one of the best-known brands of the last two decades, the signature of restless entrepreneur Richard Branson.
The above ad for virgin atlantic perfectly brings out the brand personality .To me virgin adds on loads of youthness , life and value to its brand. The tag line reads virgin atlantic enjoy !!..and being a brand of its stature one can expect to have a good flying experience ,probably those who have flown by virgin can give us more idea about the experince.


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