Saturday, December 02, 2006

::: Saturday Spice :::

An ad for Ruth's Chris Steak House..i just loved the words, "lifes too short to eat anywhere else"

This ad came up in US after the Anthrax scare, the major aim to increase the consumption of Beef which had fallen drastically...simple piece of message and quite decently executed.

A part of the infamous "priceless" campaign of Mastercard.

Copy reads as:
No-freeze gel ice-packs: $12
Extra strength painkiller: $3
Deluxe monthly healthplan: $60
Braving the wall for the team: Priceless

Well i guess nothing more to tell about this ad....the big daddy of all campaigns...a great idea and different innovative ways of communicating the same...part of a campaign that is truly is gonna stay in our minds for years together..


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