Thursday, November 09, 2006

SET WET: Very Very Sexy???

I do admire the brand Set Wet simply coz it has really worked loads on its brand building. It started off as a hair gel and now has extended the brand to the deodorant category. The ads for the Hair gel I would say were really sleek and the execution was brilliant. The ad idea for Set Wet hair gel was inspired by something called the “White skin syndrome” in context to the Indian consumer. The study revealed that Indians tend to try out/ prefer to use cosmetic products where a foreigner is seen in the promotion, a hangover of our belief that foreign goods are far superior in quality than ours. Based on this belief the ads were created and they did create a buzz in the market coz looking at those ads u really felt that they came from the stable of an MNC gaint rather than Paras Pharmaceuticals. And slowly but surely Set Wet has surely created a market for itself and succeeded into eating into the market share of Brylcreem, the market leader. The new ads for Set Wet showing the various kinds of looks are also well executed. And now to ride on the success of the hair gel category, Set Wet Zatak range of Deo’s were launched by the company, the ads having the same philosophy of using foreigners. By the look of the ads, the deo is positioned somewhere in the lines of Axe…and that makes the task difficult for Set Wet Zatak simply coz Axe has already taken over the mindshare of the customer when it comes to themes naughtiness, attracting gals etc so the task is Herculean if Set Wet wants to dislodge or even get a good share of this market. And frankly they could’ve chosen a better name that “ZATAK” for their new deodorant range….overall I think that Set Wet Zatak would fizzle out in the race to Axe. ……simply because of the sheer Brand pull that Axe can generate…The best thing would be to wait and watch!!!
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Anonymous Rohan said...

Truly Man ...... Set Wet has done it all that is needed in the Indian Market ..... Good to see an Indian Brand doing wonders like this ..... Kool Article !!!

10:41 AM  
Blogger Serendipity said...

Couple of things -

Set wet HAS in fact managed to get Axe sitting up straight. When a brand like Axe has such a heritage to fall back on, it tends to get complacent. People get excited with a new innovative brand which stares them in the face.

Set wet has heated up things with new innovative, catchy, and aggresive advertisements. Add to that other brands like Wildstone making an entry on the same "seduction/attraction" platform, and other dormant deo brands beginnig to advertise (Cuticura, Nivea, Bathfresh, Fa etc) this is ONE EXCITING category!

btw, Set wet recently launched shampoos too. so hairgel-deos-fairness creams-shampoos!

1:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im from the UK and saw the ads and thought they were mint. Anyhow, i really want to purchase some of the set wet gel, how do i go about doing this? any help would be much appreciated:) james

7:44 PM  

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