Tuesday, December 19, 2006

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Barista Coffee is, perhaps, India’s fastest growing specialty coffee retail chain. It is focussed around building an experiential lifestyle brand and providing its consumers a comfortable place to relax and spend quality leisure time. Besides witnessing a consistent increase in the footfalls in each of its stores, the brand has, since inception, been able to generate a loyal base 0f consumers.
Coffee was introduced to India back in the 17th century. Despite this long tradition its consumption has been restricted to the South Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh and as a limited urban phenomenon in the rest of the country.With over 400 billion cups consumed each year, coffee is the world’s most popular beverage. In fact ,as a commodity,it is second only to oil.The growth in the specialty coffee segment can be attributed to several factors: the increasing demands for innovative, sophisticated products and more significantly, the demand for specialty cuisine and beverages as opposed to broad-menu foods .Research has revealed that connoisseurs want more than a cup of coffee. They want an entire experience,in an ambience that is friendly, comfortable and warm. Each Barista Espresso Bar is designed keeping all this in mind. The end result is more than just a coffee business – what emerges is a powerful brand called Barista.
The category in which Barista Espresso Bars exist is a vast and diverse category which includes food chains, restaurants and other coffee chains. Research indicated that coffee consumption in India currently stands at 66 gms per head, as compared to 1.2 kgs in the US (Source: Indian Coffee Board). Clearly, there is vast scope and opportunity to develop this huge but very latent market.Barista Coffee Company opened its first espresso bar in New Delhi in February 2000. Today, Barista has 130 outlets in 22 cities. It employs over 500 people, each of whom work seamlessly to make Barista a superbrand in terms of image, quality and consumer satisfaction. Barista caters to more than 1.25 million customers every month.
The company invests a great deal of time in market research and product development and soliciting consumer feedback, evolving product and marketing initiatives based on consumer preferences. This ensures consistent growth and enables the Barista Coffee Company to offer the most desired products to the consumer.
Barista "bean to cup"
Barista traces its roots back to the old coffee houses in Italy. Drawing inspiration from them, Barista has single-handedly taken the challenge to transport the magic of Italian coffee houses to countries across the globe. The cafes are designed to reflect the warmth, culture and romance of Italy. This done, Barista was ready for the next step: turning it all into a brand. A strategic alliance with TATA Coffee in 2001 resulted in backward and forward integration of the entire coffee value chain. Both Barista Coffee Company and TATA Coffee Company take proud ownership of the category from ‘bean to cup’.


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