Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"Ooh aah India..aah yaah India" - The new Marketing chant!!!

On one hand there is Sourav Ganguly, the ex-captain of the Indian cricket team saying, "Hi, I'm Sourav Ganguly. I hope you have not forgotten me." On the other, there is Shah Rukh Khan aka King Khan, the quintessential `King' of Bollywood saying, "People are right when they say, Shah Rukh will do anything for the public, be it endorsing or jumping around." Both, in extremely candid conversation with the audience, talk about the most controversial claims circling their lives, through the most public of domains, the television. Well i know that by now all of you guys would have seen the new commercials of Pepsi and the new chant that accompanies. Of late i was disappointed by the kind of ads pepsi aired especially the sucky Pepsi TV campaign which drew a lot of flak. The new ad is surely good. Especially the one featuring Ganguly and Shreyas Talpade a.k.a Iqbal, the ads do touch the emotional chord. A really good strategy on the part of pepsi simply because the chant lingers in your mind...and thats the most important thing.
Its amazing how two die hard competitors Pepsi and Coke are following different marketing paths now. Coke because of all the turmoil it is in right now is taking the Testimonial ads approach where Aamir Khan, Smriti Irani and a host of other regional stars are telling the public how safe it is to drink coke...reminded me of the ad that Big B had once done for Dairy Milk during the Worm infestation controversy...and pepsi i guess has benefited from the same coz it has introduced the new campaign at the right time, hitting COKE when its at its weakest...anyways too early to tell about this but my opinion is that Pepsi has given the first blow to Coke simply because of the timing of this campaign and the fresh appeal of the ads....anyways only time would tell...but surely would love your views on the same..
Hope everybody's having a great festive season....but remeber you gotta get back to work soon :)


Blogger Arathizhere said...

Yeah...pepsi has launched dis campaign at the rite time n the chant is a catchy one....but i dont think it has anything to do with hitting coke ver it hurts d most!!Coke is an iconic brand n will always remain so!!but then the chant is very catchy though.n yeah d article was gr8...keep putting in such articles ver everyone can bring in their views.way to go guys:)

10:15 PM  
Blogger Brand-ad!!! said...

Hi arathi,
Well the fact that coke is at its weakest is simply coz coke is in the midst of this controversy and i didnt see the name of pepsi being dragged into the this time for sure pepsi has the upperhand and given the cut throat competition between the two, the advantage can be quite substantial. Anyways ur views are also valid..infact its a matter of debate but in the end wat matters is how much difference this new campaign can make for pepsi...
Thanks for ur interest in our blog..keep posting your views.


1:21 AM  

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