Friday, October 27, 2006

****Saturday Spice****

Agency:Creative juice
Brand: Mali Milk
In ad world they say, keep the ad “simple and interesting”, the KISS rule really works out wonders and brings out superb work of creativity .Well it might be argued that KISS rule might not work with all kinds of products but yes keeping an ad simple enough to understand and co-relating the message with the product is a hit formula to reach out to the audience.
The above ad for Mali milk is perfect example of KISS rule. Milk goes well with mothers and kids and what better way to attract the mothers by epitomizing strength as a character. These ads really speak out for itself, i.e the product and its quality. Superb execution for a product like milk.


Blogger Arathizhere said...

Excellent execution!!gr8!!

3:45 AM  
Blogger sabunair mangalasserril said...


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