Tuesday, October 10, 2006

David Beckham: The face that launched a thousand BRANDS !!! (and ads too :)

Brands today are not just mere products but have also extended to personalities. Marketers have found out the sheer pull a celebrity can generate for their products and there has come a time when celebrities themselves have turned into brands. Personalities are now turning into major brands themselves (and we have seen the emergence of “Celebrity Management” companies). And in India we can see celebrities being divided into National as well as regional brands…Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Sehwag, Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan etc belong to the elite group of celebrities who are national brands while upcoming celebrities like MS Dhoni have become more of regional brands who with rise in popularity would be promoted as national brands. One such celebrity who has become a global brand and become the dream celebrity for all marketers, “David Beckham”.
Well there are still never ending debates that whether he is over hyped or not?, there is no doubt that this guy has the power to draw customers towards a product. Beckham is a 31-old-old blessed with outstanding football talent and even-greater 'brand' appeal. With his clean-cut lifestyle, showbiz looks and celebrity pop star wife, former Spice Girl Victoria 'Posh' Adams, Beckham is a global phenomenon and an advertising icon. A global brand in his own right, Beckham earns millions from individual deals with companies such as sportswear manufacturer Adidas as well as being the face of Vodafone. One of the biggest sports names in marketing, Beckham's brand is estimated to be worth 200 million pounds ($334.5 million). Beckham's name could fulfill every advertiser's dream -- guaranteed media coverage, which has been enhanced by his glamorous life with pop star wife Victoria, a former Spice Girl. He is also the richest sportsman in UK with earnings of more that $75 million in player fees alone (The second richest is Dennis Bergkamp with $37 million!!!!!). Add to that the amount he would have earned from endorsements and then you would have some serious counting to do.....I do like the way he has changed himself to an iconic brand. The way he has made himself into a “metrosexual”. I liked the Gillette ads coz Beckham really complemented the product. A new age man promoting a new age product. Some years ago, Beckham’s transfer to Real Madrid created lot of buzz and one of the reasons that Real Madrid wanted to sign him was that they wanted to get more share in the Asian markets of China and Japan where Beckham has a God-like status. And sure it has achieved that target coz Real Madrid’s sales of Merchandise esp. Beckham N0.23 t-shirts had shot up after his signing.
Beckham does have crowd pulling ability but what has come, as a problem with this brand is the problem of ‘Brand Dilution’. Beckham seems to be everywhere, from adidas to Gillete to Castrol to a lot to other brands. The problem that this has created is that customers now remember the ad for Beckham rather that the product. I feel its about time that Beckham chooses how his brand has to be managed. And the recent exculsion of his from the starting line up for Englands as well as the loss of form not really affected him much, not sure how far Beckham can take it. While Beckham as a brand has not been of much hype here..(we still prefer our very own Tendulkar)…managing this brand “BECKHAM” would be any Brand Manager’s dream!!! Wat do u say? Is he really worth all that money or is he just another overhyped celebrity?? Would just love ur views on the same!!


Blogger Arathizhere said...

Well...dat was a gud article with lots of insights into Beckham's financial status!!but dont u think all dat thing bout him having a god like status comes across as a little overhyped?he's a gud player i agree,but then there are better players who dont get their fair share of hype!!but a gud article nevertheless!!

12:05 AM  
Blogger Brand-ad!!! said...

Well what u told is a valid point..but then arathi the fact is that Beckham has that "X Factor" that others dont have...while u admire him for his talent, u just cant help but notice him on screen, be his looks, hairstyle etc..this debate can go on for ages...but in the end the point is BECKHAM SELLS..and nothing else matters...

thanks for showing interest in our keep posting ur views k


12:48 AM  
Blogger Vinit said...

Beckham sells!! is an old story now. WAG's recently ousted Victoria spice from the No 1 spot!!!!....Thanks to Beckham's career in footbal coming to an end and largely his popularity too!!! So Beckham for me is not topical at all.....I think Rooney nd likes will take his spot in Ads aswell(just a thought)!!!

3:33 AM  

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