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Whats common with Big Brands and Big Celebs , one has huge ad spend and one draws a lot of attention.Big brands pump in huge sum of money in making ad campigns and signing on big celebrities all for improving their ROI ,ROI on advertising matters the most for all brands

For a ad campaign its not only important to convey the right message at all the consumer touch points , its also important that the message is conveyed in a right way ..consumers need to enjoy the ad.Sucessful ads are not just about using big celebs , celbs are to be used creatively eg: Aamir Khan in Titan or Coke Ads . Gone are the days when putting up a pretty/famous face on the ads would do....times sure have changed and its high time marketers also adapt to this change !!!

Lets just look at some of the recent ad campaigns for Big brands endorsed by biggest celbs of our time.

Airtel :

Riding on a wave of excellent campaigns came this shocker of a campaign from Airtel. Using SRK in the most crappiest way possible, the ad is more of an irritant than a communication tool....

The ad had all the resources (Dhoni, SRK and the feel good factor of an OSO and an established track record of O&M). Before the ad was on air, there was heavy publicity with news channels going ga ga over the concept.....high expectations until the ad was on air.....Why on earth would marketers wanna waste money like this????

few other recent ads which fall under the same category are
1.Acer -Hrithik Roshan
2.Compaq- SRK
3.Dominos Pizza- Arshad wari- (New Ad)
Lets hope ad agencies and the brand owners get wiser.


Anonymous Shalin Jain said...

Excellent Blog. Really Found it interesting.. Would love to hear from you more in future. Keep up thr good work...!!!

2:08 AM  
Blogger addict said...

Correct... But you have good examples of good utilization of celebs too...
Hrithik and Cinthol
Dhoni and Brylcream

3:43 AM  

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